Flipping Homes

As you have seen over the television screen the last few years investors flipping homes making it look so easy and making big money.The reality here in the Columbia S.C. market and surrounding counties is very much different.I have been working with investors in this area for 15 years helping them find homes that usually are foreclosures and will turn a net profit when brought back up to standard.

The avg net that these investors are realizing in this area is between 7-10 thousand dollars on a home priced between 100-150 thousand dollars. These television shows have these investors with a net of 75 thousand and on up maybe in the areas these investors are flipping in that is realistic but not in this area. You must do your homework before getting involved flipping a home and will always be glad to sit down with you to go over the necessary steps before spending your hard earned money.

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Jim Fox

Jim Fox